Rüthen Concert Hall

create your own concert at the city hall of Rüthen

„The „Rüthener Kulturring“ organises many concerts in the Old Town Hall in Rüthen, which have a very special charm. The historical property offers a romantic setting for any interpretation. With all the advantages, which the large hall offers concerning acoustics, the Old Town Hall unites these aspects with a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the high ceiling and stone floor, every instrument’s sound unfolds in a completely natural way and is accompanied by a clear reverb, which adds a special brilliance to every played note.

The concert organization and the recordings are supervised by Deniz Inan – composer and pianist. Futhermore, the editing and mastering for social networks, YouTube or own publications are organized by Mr. Inan, as well.

Do you want to give a concert and present yourself and your art? You have projects and need video and audio recordings for your YouTube Channel or Facebook? You would like to give a concert as a dress rehearsal before a music exam? Have you come up with a program with friends and are looking for a stage? Just contact us.